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שייט בפיורד Hjorund

אלסונד, נורווגיה

שייט בפיורד Hjorund


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Enjoy a scenic and relaxing cruise on Hjorundfjord, regarded by many as one of the most beautiful fjords in the world and the Queen of Norway’s favorite.

The Hjorundfjord is a 20 mile long arm of the Storfjord, located in the Sunnmore Alps heartland with pointed mountain peaks that encircle the bay on both sides. The north end of the fjord is over 1.5 miles wide, and the deepest point is over 1446 feet.

Your sightseeing boat takes you on an approximately 3-hour cruise along the striking scenery that Kaiser Wilhelm valued so highly more than 100 years ago. The views of nature's mountains and fjords from this perspective are simply spectacular.

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