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מסלול אבובים במערת קריסטל

בליז סיטי, בליז

מסלול אבובים במערת קריסטל


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Be prepared to be amazed by this adventure that puts you up close and personal with the unique phenomenon of crystal caves. Once you’re provided with your life vest, helmet and head lamp, you’ll begin your short hike, with tube in hand, to the secluded entrance of one of the intriguing caves. Your journey begins as you float into a chamber where high ceilings and a stalactite lined wall give the feeling of a cathedral.

As you paddle through the cavern, you are dwarfed by boulders rising up from the river, inviting you to explore further. Crystal encrusted cave formations dazzle you with their beauty as you meander up the river. But this is just a taste of what’s to come. As you disembark your tube and enter the crystal chamber to explore the sacred underworld of the Maya, your guide will reveal hidden pottery dating back to 300-900 AD used by the Maya in ancient sacrificial ceremonies.

A “frozen water fall" column and glittering stone dam are just a few of the amazing formations you’ll encounter in this Gothic chamber. Back in your tube, you’ll make your way to an underground lagoon bordered by a mini waterfall, which signals the end of your subterranean adventure. Don’t forget to visit the photo desk to buy a memento from the photographers who captured spectacular shots of you on your adventure. Enjoy a delicious Belizean lunch of stewed chicken, rice & beans and coleslaw, as you reflect upon your expedition.

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Note: Participants must be at least 8 years of age and at least 48 inches high. Bring swimsuit or shorts and a t-shirt, a change of clothes, towel and insect repellent. Lockers and water shoes are available for rent. Leave jewelry and valuables on the ship.

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