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סיור רגלי בקאן

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סיור רגלי בקאן


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Take a stroll through Cannes as you learn about its history. Accompanied by your guide, admire the old town of La Sequet and the famous Boulevard of La Croisette. You’ll begin with a walk to the old part of the city built on the site of the former Canois Castrum, a Roman town dominated by a castle, on the slopes of Mont Chevalier. As you take Rue Perissol, the road ascends to Place de La Castre, surrounded by a defensive wall and dominated by the 16th-17th century Provencal Gothic style church, Notre Dame de L’Experance. The old bell tower leads you to a long tree lined terrace, offering a fine view of the town, harbor and Ile Ste. Marguerite.

Continue on Rue Meynardier, formerly the main street linking the new town with Le Suquet. It is lined with a variety of shops and some fine 18th century doorways. Pass by the old covered market on your way to the famous Rue d’Antibes, the main shopping street. As you return to the maritime terminal along the famous Boulevard de La Croisette, see where locals stroll in the winter, and how the elegant promenade is bordered by palm trees and gardens overlooking a fine sandy beach. Luxury hotels and elegant shops line the front and side streets along with galleries, antique shops, cinemas and night clubs. At the top end of La Croisette, east of the port, is the new Festival and Conference center; the last stop before heading back to your ship.

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Note: Tour participation is limited. This tour is not recommended for guests with walking difficulties. There are approximately 4 miles of walking over flat, uphill and cobblestoned terrain, with 25 steps to negotiate.

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