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Stockholm & The Vikings


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This tour offers you an insight into the lives of the most feared warriors of old times, the famous Vikings, without missing the highlights of Stockholm.

Start with a drive to Stockholm, where you’ll visit Vikingaliv – a museum for the entire family based on historical facts that are presented in an instructive, fun and interactive way.

Ragnfrid’s Saga is an 11-minute-long ride where you are taken on a journey through life in the Viking Age year 963. The trip begins in Frösala Gård, home to Ragnfrid and her husband Harald; then you get to follow them on a journey out in the world.

Visit the exhibition where, based on the latest archaeological and historical findings, you’ll see what the Viking Age might have been like. You can learn about the role of children and women, how people lived, what they cultivated and ate, and how they travelled. You’ll see the impact of the slave trade, looting in the West, and religious practices. You’ll even meet a life-size Viking, created using DNA from bones preserved at the Sigtuna Museum.

In the old town, the historic elegance of the exterior of the imposing Royal Palace contrasts starkly with the narrow, twisting alleys and cobbled stone streets at the foot of the Palace walls. As you wander with your guide, take in the bohemian atmosphere and the sense of age and history in houses, which date from the 15th and 16th centuries, with their baroque doorways and rusting coats of arms. You will see the Great Square (Stortorget) - the hub of the Old Town, on which the Stock Exchange, now the home of the Swedish Academy, stands and the narrowest street – Mårten Trotzigs gränd.

Your guide will also draw your attention to a very specific Viking object that can be found there – a runestone hidden away in one of the buildings. After, enjoy nearly 2 hours of free time for lunch or shopping.

An orientation drive through the city takes you past the Opera House, National Museum, Diplomat Town and the fashionable district of Ostermalm.

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