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Norwegian Communications Centre
Norwegian Communications Centre
Don’t Lose Your Reservation!
25422881Apr 1, 2014
Norwegian Communications Centre
Norwegian Communications Centre
Reserve your dining now
25422881Apr 1, 2014
Norwegian Communications Centre
Norwegian Communications Centre
Don’t Lose Your Reservation!
25422881Apr 1, 2014
Norwegian Communications Centre
Norwegian Communications Centre
Don’t Lose Your Reservation!
25422881Apr 1, 2014
From: Norwegian Comunications CentreSent: May 21, 2014Subject: Beverage Packages Now On Sales

*Terms & Conditions
Package not available on sailings less than 5 days or charter sailings.

Spa Terms and Conditions

Treatment Descriptions

The information provided on this website is designed to inform you about the various treatments offered on board by Mandara Spa which enables you to reserve a specific treatment day and time suited to your schedule. Please be advised that the treatment descriptions, durations, and availability are subject to change.

Onboard Cancellation or Modification

All changes must be made three (3) days prior to sailing. Once on board, you must provide 24 hours notice in the event you need to cancel and/ or modify your appointment. Please contact the Mandara Spa reception desk in the event you need to make a change to you appointment. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation charge up to 50% of the treatment price being assessed to you onboard account.

Prices and Service Charge and Taxes

For your convenience a 18% service charge will be automatically added to your spa (except Thermal Suite), salon, and fitness services.

Age restrictions

Guests must be at least 18 years of age to receive treatments or utilise the spa facilities unless participating in the kids or teens programme. Most salon services are available to guests of all ages. Fitness facilities are not available to minor guests. Please see restrictions posted outside of the Fitness Centre.

Possible Restrictions

We want you to have the most enjoyable spa experience possible. Although most of our treatments are suitable for all guests. Once on board, you will receive a comprehensive consultation from your Mandara therapist to identify any areas of concern. All treatments procedures are done so at the discretion of Mandara Spa.

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What should I wear on tour?

Should I bring a towel with me on a tour? Where do I pick them up?

What is the cancellation policy on tours, and where do I cancel?

What if I miss the cancellation deadline, and do not want my tour?

Are we brought back to the ship following our tour?

I have a disability. What excursions can I go on?

Is the speed of my connection the same as on land?

Can I access Skype or view streaming video onboard?

When do I need to settle my account?

What do I do if I lost something?

Is there an ATM on board?

What is the Freestyle Daily? Where can I get one?

What is my onboard number?

What is the cost of the Phone and Messenger Package?

Can I place calls and send messages to another guest on the ship?

Can I place calls to my friends and family back home?

Will I incur roaming charges when making an onboard or off-ship call?

What number will display on the Caller ID when I place a call to a person off-ship?

Is there a voicemail?

Can I use the app when I go off the ship, for example on an excursion?

When will my Phone and Messenger Package terminate?

Whom do I contact if I have a question or difficulties with the Cruise Norwegian App?

How does Freestyle Dining work?

What is your Restaurant Cancellation policy?

What is the Mandatory Life Boat Drill?

Do I have to attend the lifeboat drill even if I have cruised on Norwegian Cruise Line before?

What is my assembly station?

Should I wear my lifejacket when participating in the Life Boat Drill?

What is the timing of the mandatory safety drill?

Can I have an open flame?

Dining Terms and Conditions

Shore Excursions Terms and Conditions

Entertainment Terms and Conditions

What devices can I play with?

How many people can play per team?

I downloaded the app – What’s next?

Terms and Conditions

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