Is the speed of my connection the same as on land?

No, the data for onboard connection is transmitted via a slower wireless signal to satellites orbiting the earth approximately 22,000 miles from the earth's surface and then bounce back down to the land based exchange. At home, your data is sent through a fast cable connection to your local exchange, just around the corner from your house. Therefore internet access onboard is significantly slower than high-speed connections normally experienced on land.

How do you contact someone on a cruise ship?

What is the largest cruise ship?

Where does a cruise to nowhere go?

When is the best time to book a cruise?

How to book a cruise for a group?

What are the ways that I can book my tours?

Where do I find the meeting time and place for my tour?

What should I wear on tour?

Should I bring a towel with me on a tour? Where do I pick them up?

What is the cancellation policy on tours, and where do I cancel?

What if I miss the cancellation deadline, and do not want my tour?

Are we brought back to the ship following our tour?

I have a disability. What excursions can I go on?

Can I access Skype or view streaming video onboard?

When do I need to settle my account?

What do I do if I lost something?

Is there an ATM on board?

What is the Freestyle Daily? Where can I get one?

What is my onboard number?

What is the cost of the Phone and Messenger Package?

Can I place calls and send messages to another guest on the ship?

Can I place calls to my friends and family back home?

Will I incur roaming charges when making an onboard or off-ship call?

What number will display on the Caller ID when I place a call to a person off-ship?

Is there a voicemail?

Can I use the app when I go off the ship, for example on an excursion?

When will my Phone and Messenger Package terminate?

Whom do I contact if I have a question or difficulties with the Cruise Norwegian App?

How does Freestyle Dining work?

What is your Restaurant Cancellation policy?

What is the Mandatory Life Boat Drill?

Do I have to attend the lifeboat drill even if I have cruised on Norwegian Cruise Line before?

What is my assembly station?

Should I wear my lifejacket when participating in the Life Boat Drill?

What is the timing of the mandatory safety drill?

Can I have an open flame?

Dining Terms and Conditions

Shore Excursions Terms and Conditions

Entertainment Terms and Conditions

Spa Terms and Conditions

What devices can I play with?

How many people can play per team?

I downloaded the app – What’s next?

Terms and Conditions

What sailings qualify under Norwegian’s Peace of Mind policy?

How long will it take to receive my future cruise credit?

Does this policy apply retroactively to previously booked sailings?

Does the new Peace of Mind policy affect the final payment for voyages?

How long will the Peace of Mind policy be in effect?

What is not included in the future cruise credit (FCC)?

What is Norwegian’s Peace of Mind?

What protocols have been implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Upon cancellation, will guests be credited for any pre-cruise purchases such as beverage packages, shore excursions, etc.?

Do standard Final Payment timelines still apply?

Why can’t I make changes until March 11th?

Are any of the costs refunded instead of being included in the FCC?

What happens if the cancelled booking had a previous FCC applied?

What happens when one or more guests cancel, but other guests on the same booking choose to sail?

Do all rate codes qualify?

Can the future cruise credit (FCC) be used as payment towards the same cancelled cruise if they decide at a later date to sail?

I am booked on a Sixthman cruise, which sails on Norwegian. Does Norwegian's Peace of Mind apply to me?

Does this policy apply retroactively to previously cancelled bookings?

Which guests on the bookings receive the FCC?

What is the criteria for denying guests boarding?

Are any amounts on the affected bookings being refunded instead of being included in the FCC?

What happens to Cruise Next certificates that were used on an affected booking?

Will Tour Conductors (TC's) be protected for affected cancelled bookings?

To what reservations does the Peace of Mind policy apply?

Will the Certificate of Medical Fitness to Travel form still apply for guests who are 70 years and older?

What happens I previously requested a refund and would now like to take advantage of the bonus FCC?

Didn't you pause auto-cancel functionality for a while? What is the status of this?

Are there any incentives currently being offered to guests with active bookings who may be uncertain about their voyages sailing in August 2020?

What new health and safety protocols are being implemented to ensure the safety of all on board?

How will the embarkation process change?

What if a guest has pre-existing health conditions or displays symptoms associated with COVID-19? Will they be denied boarding?

If a guest is denied boarding, will they be refunded their cruise fare?

What new screening protocols are being implemented?

Will new COVID-19 testing protocols be implemented at embarkation?

Will we provide and/or require guests to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks or gloves during embarkation, while on board or during disembarkation?

What sanitation measures are you taking to ensure the health and safety of guests and crew?

Are there any side effects to the electrostatic spray technology (fogging) of staterooms, suites, and public areas? What is it? Is it safe?

What measures will be taken to ensure guests and crew practice social distancing while onboard?

Will ships sail full or do you plan to limit guest occupancy on board?

Will you continue to offer onboard activities and events such as deck activities, theater shows, spas, fitness activities, room service, swimming pools, etc.

How are muster drills going to change to allow for social distancing?

What enhancements are you making to your medical facilities on board?

How will crew members be prepared to work in the new environment?

What are the isolation / quarantine / disembarkation protocols if someone were to test positive for COVID-19 while on board?

What is the new air filtration and its benefits?

Are there additional air filtration enhancements being considered?

What happens if a suspended sailing booking has a combination of cash deposits and FCC applied?

You previously indicated refunds would be returned to the original form of payment 90 days after the refund request was made. Are you on target to hit this deadline?

How will Norwegian Cruise Line use results from NCL Inner Circle?

How will I know if there is an activity for me to complete?

How frequently will I be invited to participate in an activity?

Are there any fees or costs?

Do I need special hardware or software?

I can’t remember my password.

I would like to unsubscribe.

What do I do if I experience technical difficulties?

Should I take out Travel Protection on my new bookings?

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