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Selciato del gigante, sito patrimonio mondiale dell'UNESCO

Belfast, Irlanda del Nord

Selciato del gigante, sito patrimonio mondiale dell'UNESCO


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The highlight of this tour is the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Giant’s Causeway. Stop to photograph Dunluce Castle, built in the 14th century at the edge of a magnificent cliff with the fierce Atlantic Ocean as its backdrop. Visit the Giants’ Causeway, where for centuries, visitors have marveled at its majesty and mystery. The unique rock formations have, for millions of years, stood as a natural rampart against the unbridled ferocity of the Atlantic storms and the rugged symmetry of the columns never fail to intrigue and inspire. To stroll the Giants Causeway is to voyage back in time. Your imagination will travel along stepping stones that lead to either the creative turbulence of a bygone volcanic age or into the myths and legends of the past. The “Causeway Coaster” minibus will bring you directly to the causeway itself.

A drive along the Antrim Coast to Ballycastle introduces you to some of the world’s most spectacular and unspoiled scenery. Here is the best of what Northern Ireland has to offer. Discover the unrivalled seascape, towering cliffs and white sandy beaches as you wind your way to Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge. Spanning a chasm some eighty feet deep, its construction once consisted of a single rope hand rail and widely spaced slats which the fishermen would traverse across with salmon caught off the island. Stop to photograph the famous bridge from a viewing point up above this spectacular bridge.

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I tour con questo livello di attività richiedono un considerevole sforzo fisico come camminare a lungo su strade di ciottoli, terreno irregolare o ripido, salire le scale o stare in piedi per periodi prolungati. Non raccomandati per ospiti con limitazioni fisiche. Si raccomandano scarpe comode e robuste.
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