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Europe Cruise Activities for Every Type of Traveler

If you've ever taken a cruise with Norwegian, then you know that half the fun of being onboard is getting off board to explore the European port cities on your itinerary. And of course, just as everything on your cruise is conveniently arranged and expertly appointed, so too are your European adventures.

With Norwegian Cruise Line shore excursions, you never have to worry about transportation or navigation (Which way to the Eiffel Tower, did you say? How long does it take to get back to the ship?). You never have to fret about what food to eat (Ahhh! Everything is written in French on the menu!), and you certainly never have to wonder whether you'll have a good time (Greek islands, French vineyards, Estonian castles, anyone?)

In fact, the only trouble you will have is deciding which cruise and excursion to choose. To help make things a little easier, we've broken things down and selected some of the most popular activities for travelers of every age:

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Palma Majorca Spain
Palma Majorca Spain.

Family Fun in Europe

When you're at home, a day or weekend trip to your favorite park can quickly turn complicated for the parent who is planning for everything - making food, packing a day's worth of supplies, and don't even get started on the traffic, parking, and entrance fees. This is why every family owes it to themselves to plan a nature outing to see some of Europe's most remarkable outdoor and environmental wonders.

On your European excursions, you won't ever have to worry about dragging kids to museums or ancient churches that might not hold their attention for hours on end. On Norwegian cruises, your excursions are perfectly tailored for family outings. Just one example: while touring Majorca, Spain, The Palma Aquarium offers the perfect combination of amusement, activity, and education.

Your excursion starts off with a spectacular guided tour of Paseo Maritimo, followed by a visit to one of the most amazing aquariums in the world. All told, there are 55 aquariums in the park that contain every Mediterranean specimen you can imagine (8,000, in fact, as well as 700 different species!) Afterwards, there will even be time for a beach outing, mere feet from the aquarium.  Afterward, your tour guide will escort you to return to the ship. With every detail planned for you, that's a fantasy family outing for every parent!

Beach in Corfu, Greece
Beach in Corfu, Greece.

Elder Adventures

We know that just because you're an empty nester and finally enjoying your private vacation time, doesn't mean that you're ready for the bingo or shuffleboard table. At, the same time, maybe you might be ready to pass on scaling the steps of Notre Dame. Or maybe hiking the hills of Italy are something you've already crossed off your bucket list.

Mediterranean cruises, one of the most popular and exotic destinations, offers plenty of sizzle, without a lot of extra strain on the body or mind. If you're seeking an adventure with more moderate exertion, every port city offers easily walkable and drivable explorations around town.

While cruising to Greece, take the Best of Corfu excursion with a special stop at the Achilleion Palace. Imagine driving through the countryside with lush lemon and olive trees. You'll arrive in the charming village of Gastouri where the Achilleion Palace stands. Its beautiful gardens, full of exotic flowers and the imposing figure of Achilles dominating the center, offers magnificent views of the Ionian Sea. From there, you'll continue along scenic roads skirting the coast, where you'll arrive in Perema. This is the perfect place to take photographs of memorable Mouse Island before heading back to Corfu. While in town, be sure to sample the ouzo, or pick up a bottle to bring back to ship for your private celebration.

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Eiffel Tower at Sunrise
Eiffel Tower at Sunrise.

Romantic Interludes

Paris, of course! The most romantic city for lovers. With Norwegian Cruise Line, you'll have the chance to see the spectacular sights from two perspectives. The drive from Le Havre to Paris is arranged for you, and once you arrive, you'll be treated to some of the most famous sights of the city: Place de l'Etoile, Champs Elysees Avenue, and the Eiffel Tower, just to name a few.

However, as you arrive at the Tower, you will be greeted by a glass-covered sightseeing riverboat to escort you on a scenic cruise on the Seine River.  Enjoy an intimate lunch while viewing some of the city's most memorable landmarks. Afterwards, you'll have time to stroll hand in hand through the city near the Trocadero, then savor the drive back to the port of Le Havre. Best of all, when you return, Norwegian's onboard luxuries await you – until tomorrow's next adventure.

Have you taken a Europe cruise with Norwegian? What were your favorite stops?

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was originally published on July 22, 2016. It has been updated for accuracy and to show related itineraries.