Will I need an electrical adaptor for my cruise?

Are babysitters available?

Are benefits the same for international guests?

Are parents/guardians/adults allowed in the Guppies Nursery, Splash Academy and Entourage facilities?

Are reservations required for Guppies Nursery Late Night?

Are reservations required?

Are the benefits per tier level available on all sailings?

Are the Shore Excursion discounts for everyone on the reservation given to the guest in the stateroom with the highest tier?

Are there any pool regulations?

Are there children's programmes?

Are there proper protocol guidelines for the teen passengers?

Are there size and weight requirements for water slides, rope courses, rock climbing walls, racetrack and laser tag?

Are there special rates for children or infants?

Are visitors allowed on board?

Are we brought back to the ship following our tour?

Can I access Skype or view streaming video onboard?

Can I apply my Shore Excursion discount after I return home from my cruise?

Can I book my Shore Excursions on board my sailing?

Can I bring alcohol on board?

Can I bring water or soft drink on board?

Can I get a ship pin for my past cruises?

Can I have an open flame?

Can I leave the ship on a port day while my child is in Splash Academy?

Can I make any changes to the ship and sailing date for my Ambassador level complimentary cruise once confirmation has been provided?

Can I place calls and send messages to another guest on the ship?

Can I place calls to my friends and family back home?

Can I still split the dinner for two vouchers if I am a solo traveller (two meals for one person)?

Can I transfer my Ambassador level complimentary cruise to a friend or family member?

Can I transfer my Latitudes Rewards points to a friend or family member?

Can I upgrade my Ambassador level complimentary cruise from a 7-day sailing to a longer sailing?

Can I upgrade my Ambassador level complimentary cruise from a balcony to a Suite or The Haven?

Can I use the app when I go off the ship, for example on an excursion?

Can I use two Ambassador level complimentary cruises for a back-to-back or 14 day sailing?

Can my child bring in electronics or personal items?

Can my child move up an age group if celebrating a birthday during the cruise?

Can the youth staff assist my child in the washroom?

Dining Terms and Conditions

Do chartered cruises or cruises with travel agent rates receive Rewards points?

Do I have to attend the lifeboat drill even if I have cruised on Norwegian Cruise Line before?

Do I have to pay for Splash Academy, Entourage or Late Night Fun Zone programmes on sea days and port days?

Do I receive my Shore Excursion and Photo Discounts if I pre-book before my sailing?

Do my children have access to the internet and arcade?

Does Splash Academy provide meals for the children?

Does the refreshed programme affect the way I earn points?

Does the Shore Excursion discount show on my onboard folio?

Entertainment Terms and Conditions

How and when can I enroll in Latitudes Rewards?

How are the age groups divided on port days for Splash Academy?

How can I book a transfer from the airport to the pier?

How can I transfer my reservation to my travel agent if I booked directly with Norwegian?

How can we celebrate a special occasion?

How did the refreshed point structure affect the tiers?

How do I contact Latitudes Rewards customer service?

How do I earn Rewards points?

How do I find out the details of the Concierge Service, Priority Restaurant and Entertainment Seating, Priority Tender Tickets and Priority Disembarkation?

How do I find out the details of the Exclusive Cocktail Party, Behind-the-Scenes Ship Tour and Dinner with Officers?

How do I know if I’m enrolled?

How do I pay for onboard expenses?

How do I receive my free Internet minutes?

How do I receive my Onboard Discounts?

How do I redeem my discounted or free bag of laundry?

How do I register my children for the youth programmes: Guppies Nursery, Splash Academy, and Entourage?

How do I see my Rewards points, tier level or cruise history online?

How do you contact someone on a cruise ship?

How does Freestyle Dining work?

How does Priority Embarkation work?

How is my child identified in the youth programmes (Splash Academy: sea day, port play and late night)?

How long do I have to take my complimentary cruise once I become an Ambassador member?

How many dinners will I receive if I am a Platinum, Platinum Plus or Ambassador member and the other person travelling with me is none of these tier levels?

How many people can play per team?

How many points are needed to reach each tier level?

How much does it cost to go on the Race Track, Laser Tag or Galaxy Pavilion on Norwegian Joy?

How much is Guppies Nursery Late Night?

How much is Guppies Nursery service, not including Late Night?

How to book a cruise for a group?

How will the Nursery Attendants communicate with parents?

I am now an Ambassador member, how do I claim my complimentary cruise?

I am now an Ambassador member, what does my complimentary cruise entitle me to?

I am travelling with other Platinum, Platinum Plus or Ambassador guests in the same stateroom? Do we each get a voucher?

I downloaded the app – What’s next?

I have a disability. What excursions can I go on?

I have an existing full fare reservation. Can I convert this to my complimentary cruise?

I have booked and paid for 3 cabins but only received points for one. Why?

I know I’m a Latitudes Rewards member, so why don’t I see my Latitudes information when I log in?

I was only a few points away from the next tier level under the old programme. Will you make an exception and grant me the new tier level?

If I am on a cruise but will not qualify to earn Rewards points, will I still receive the onboard benefits for my tier?

If I book a cruise in 2016 but sail in 2017, which benefits will I receive on board?

If I book a cruise in 2016 but sail in 2017, which point structure will apply to me?

If I cancel a cruise, will I receive Rewards points?

If I change tier level during a back to back cruise, will I receive the benefits for our next tier?

If I cruise with a Latitudes Member whose tier level differs from my own, which benefits will I receive?

If I don’t use my specialty dinner voucher on one sailing, can I use it on another sailing?

If I pre-booked my Shore Excursions on ncl.com prior to February 3, 2017, can I cancel them and rebook them to receive my new Latitudes Rewards discount?

Is a registration required?

Is Norwegian Cruise Line now charging for room service?

Is one-on-one care or are babysitting services provided for children?

Is special-needs care provided in Guppies Nursery, Splash Academy or Entourage?

Is the Shore Excursion discount combinable with the Shore Excursion credit from Norwegian’s Free at Sea offer?

Is the speed of my connection the same as on land?

Is there a doctor on board?

Is there a schedule of activities for Guppies Programmes, Splash Academy and Entourage?

Is there a voicemail?

Is there an ATM on board?

Is there still a cocktail party on board?

Shore Excursions Terms and Conditions

Should I bring a towel with me on a tour? Where do I pick them up?

Should I wear my lifejacket when participating in the Life Boat Drill?

Spa Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We like to travel and participate in activities as a family, what activities can I expect on board?

We upgraded to a Suite but did not receive the additional points. Why?

What about accessible cruising?

What about currency?

What about Documentation, Visas and Passports?

What about luggage storage and delivery?

What about smoking on the ship?

What about special dietary needs?

What age groups does each youth programme cater to?

What are Guppies Nursery hours of operation?

What are Latitudes Insider Offers?

What are milestone gifts and when can I expect to receive my gift?

What are Rewards points?

What are some commonly used cruise terms I should know?

What are the approved snack and drink items for the Guppies Nursery?

What are the benefits of joining Latitudes Rewards?

What are the customs allowances?

What are the Guppies Nursery Late Night hours?

What are the hours of operation for the Splash Academy?

What are the non-approved snack and drink items for the Guppies Nursery?

What are the requirements for enrolling into Latitudes Rewards?

What are the staff credentials?

What are the ways that I can book my tours?

What are Youth Programmes?

What can my child pack to be prepared for the interactive activities and theme nights?

What clothes should I pack?

What devices can I play with?

What do I do if I lost something?

What do I need to know about the 10 - 12 year old sea day sign out parent authorisation?

What do the specialty dinner benefits cover?

What does an authorised drop off and pick up person need to make the process simple for Guppies Nursery and Splash Academy?

What does Entourage have to offer teens 13 - 17 years old?

What does my cruise fare include?

What does my discount in the duty-free shops entitle me to?

What does the Dinner with Officers benefit include?

What fire and safety guidelines do youth programmes adhere to?

What happens if I cancel my Ambassador level complimentary cruise within the standard Norwegian cancellation period?

What happens if I no show for the Time Block Session?

What if I have multiple Latitudes Rewards numbers? Which one do I use?

What if I miss the cancellation deadline, and do not want my tour?

What if I need to stay in touch while away?

What if I still have some questions?

What if I want to use the Guppies Nursery on a Port Day?

What if I'm pregnant?

What if my child is in nappies?

What if my child needs SPECIAL attention or has a medical condition?

What if my child needs to nap? Crib vs Non-Crib.

What if my child/teen has an allergy or medical condition?

What if my child/teen is not feeling well?

What if my cruise history is incorrect?

What is Freestyle Free Play?

What is my assembly station?

What is my Latitudes Rewards number?

What is My NCL, and what are eDocs?

What is my onboard number?

What is offered for 12 year olds who are almost teenagers?

What is the alcohol and beverage policy?

What is the cancellation policy for Guppies Nursery?

What is the cancellation policy on tours, and where do I cancel?

What is the cost of the Phone and Messenger Package?

What is the Nappy Changing and Bathroom use process?

What is the Drop Off and Pick Up Process for Guppies Nursery?

What is the Entourage safety and emergency information?

What is the Freestyle Daily? Where can I get one?

What is the Fuel Supplement?

What is the Guppies Nursery 5-Step Discipline Policy for Children under 3 years old?

What is the Guppies Nursery discipline policy for children under 3 years old?

What is the largest cruise ship?

What is the Latitudes® programme?

What is the Mandatory Life Boat Drill?

What is the minimum age for purchase and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages?

What is the onboard service charge?

What is the policy for crying babies?

What is the Safety Assimilation Drill?

What is the Splash Academy and Guppies Nursery safety and emergency information?

What is the teen discipline policy?

What is the timing of the mandatory safety drill?

What is the youth discipline policy for youth and teens?

What is your Restaurant Cancellation policy?

What number will display on the Caller ID when I place a call to a person off-ship?

What onboard activities can be purchased prior to sailing?

What other fees should I be aware of?

What other services are available?

What should I wear on tour?

What time do I board the ship on embarkation day and in ports of call?

What time is dinner?

What to pack for an Alaska cruise?

When are Rewards points applied to my account?

When can I pre-book Dining and Entertainment?

When do I get a commemorative ship pin?

When do I need to settle my account?

When is the best time to book a cruise?

When is the best time to go on an Alaska cruise?

When was the programme last updated?

When will I be able to take advantage of the benefits?

When will I be enrolled in Latitudes Rewards?

When will my Phone and Messenger Package terminate?

Where can I keep my valuables?

Where do Alaska Cruises depart from?

Where do I drop off my 10 - 12 year old for their programme?

Where do I find the meeting time and place for my tour?

Where does a cruise to nowhere go?

Which benefits are delivered directly to my stateroom?

Which benefits are delivered per person and per stateroom?

Which cruises do not qualify for Rewards points?

Who and how many can be authorised as drop-off and pick-up people?

Whom do I contact if I have a question or difficulties with the Cruise Norwegian App?

Why did the programme change?

Why did the way I earn points change?

Why do I need to give consent for my child to use the Cruise Norwegian App?

Why is it important to use my Latitudes Rewards number every time I book or when I register online?

Will children in other age groups be able to play together during programme hours?

Will I be charged if I pick up my child late?

Will I earn Latitudes Rewards points on my Ambassador level complimentary cruise?

Will I have access to the internet?

Will I incur roaming charges when making an onboard or off-ship call?

Will I keep my current tier status with the change to the point structure of the new programme?

Will I need an electrical converter?

Will I receive additional Rewards points if my reservation was booked with the LATOFFER Promotion?

Will I receive credit for cruises taken prior to 1995?

Will I receive Rewards points for cruises taken on Norwegian’s sister ships?

Will I still earn the additional points if I change the promotion on my reservation?

Will I still receive Milestone Gifts as a Platinum member?

Will I still receive two dinners for two if I sail with a guest who is not Platinum, Platinum Plus or Ambassador?

Will the youth staff contact me if my child is crying?

Will we receive four dinners for two if I sail with a guest who is Platinum, Platinum Plus or Ambassador?

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