Booking A Cruise

Once you've decided where and when you want to go, next comes the easy part - booking your cruise. There are several ways to reserve your spot. Book online at If you need more help, call our Personal Cruise Consultants, who can assist you every step of the way. Or we can help you find a local Travel Agent.

Book at NCL.COM

Design your cruise online and choose from more than 450 itineraries and accommodation options to suit everyone's taste and budget. Plus you can hold the stateroom you want for 24 hours, giving you more time to get everyone "onboard." Get Started

Call us to book

Need more help booking your cruise? Call 0800 969 283 and our Personal Cruise Consultants can offer one-on-one assistance throughout the booking process. We also have group travel consultants that can assist you with planning reunions and other special group events.

Find a Travel Agency

We can help locate a Travel Professional near you who will do all the work for you. As travel experts, they can offer personalised service and plenty of great options based on their experience and your specific wants and needs. to locate a travel agent near you.

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