Asia: Osaka, Kochi, Jeju & Nagoya Asia: Osaka, Kochi, Jeju & Nagoya Asia: Osaka, Kochi, Jeju & Nagoya

11-day Cruise on Norwegian Spirit

Asia: Osaka, Kochi, Jeju & Nagoya

from Seoul (Incheon), South Korea

Discover the history, cultures and stunning landscapes of South Korea and Japan with Norwegian. Explore Manjanggul lava tube outside of Gangjeong or one of the many other volcanic features, unwind on a scenic beach or visit the Haenyeo Museum to learn about the island’s incredible women deep sea divers. Encompassing an impressive castle, citadels, imposing stone walls, motes and a sprawling garden boasting hundreds of cherry trees, Osaka Castle Park is a major landmark and a must-see during your overnight stay in Osaka. Then experience the best of Nagoya during a guided tour that will take you to top attractions including the famous Atsuta Shrine.
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11 Days. 11 Ports. 1 Amazing Vacation.
Port of Call
Seoul (Incheon), South Korea
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Travel to Seoul and discover its 5,000-year-old heritage amidst the ultra-modern high-rises. Visit the magnificent 14th century Gyeongbok Palace and stone pagoda, the National Museum and the bustling antique district. Or spend a day in the serene atmosphere of a Zen Buddhist temple and a historic Korean village. Tour the DMZ and rediscover the drama of recent history. Or simply wander the fish market and promenade at Incheon.

Port of Call
Jeju, South Korea
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The dormant volcano Hallasan formed many of the natural attractions found on Jeju. As South Korea’s tallest mountain, Hallasan offers an abundance of hiking opportunities and is an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve showcasing a crater lake and an abundance of plants and wildlife. The Manjang Cave, formed by cooling lava, is the world’s longest lava tube and is partially open for tours. Head from the mountain to the magnificent beaches and watch famed haenyo (powerful sea-women) dive for octopus, abalone, clams and more without the aid of a breathing apparatus. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample fresh seafood dishes at a local restaurant.

Port of Call
Sasebo, Japan
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What used to be an old fishing village, Sasebo has been a major naval port since the late 19th century — first with Imperial Japanese Navy and today as a base for the U.S. Navy. Don’t miss a boat tour of the emerald-green 208 Kujuku Islands nearby, a beautiful sight set against the deep-blue waters of the bay. On shore, explore Sasebo’s Zoological and Tropical Botanical Garden, featuring 80 animal and 1,200 plant species, all with spectacular views of the Kujuku Islands. And if you want to go Dutch, head to Huis Ten Bosch, a recreated 17th-century Dutch village complete with colorful tulip fields. For something more authentically Japanese, head to the Yorozu-cho district to visit a market teeming with fresh produce and seafood as well as handmade clothing and pottery.

Port of Call
Kagoshima, Japan
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Visit the exquisite Iso-Teien Garden and its villa, built in 1660, and enjoy gorgeous views before a short ferry ride to smoking Sakurajima for a close-up view of the volcano and its lava fields. Or journey into the countryside to Chiran and its well-preserved streets lined with samurai homes. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of Lake Ikeda and the stunning vistas of the Satsuma Peninsula. Local Satsuma dolls, unique cards printed with ink made from volcanic ash, and unusual wooden toys make interesting souvenirs. And be sure to try some miso soup, sashimi or ramen, the area’s famous noodles.

Port of Call
Miyazaki (Aburatsu), Japan
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Surf, sand and historic shrines define Miyazaki, a popular resort town with scenic views and notable monuments. Venture out to the Miyazaki Shrine, which was established over 2600 years ago as a dedication to Japan's first emperor Jinmu, and sits in the middle of a vast forest filled with magnificent wisteria trees. Heiwadai Park, or Peace Tower Park, is another distinguished landmark, believed to be the original site of Jinmu's capital. The Peace Tower positioned inside the park is constructed of stones sent from all across Asia, while Haniwa Garden holds 400 clay burial statues. Head to the SeaGaia region for entertainment such as the Phoenix Zoo, natural Onsen hot springs and beaches with world-class surfing.

Port of Call
Kyoto (Osaka), Japan
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Cradled by rolling hills on three sides, Kyoto is considered the historical and cultural epicenter of the country. The city was Japan’s capital for more than 1,000 years (794 – 1868) and approximately 1,600 Buddhist temples and more than 400 Shintō shrines are peppered throughout the city. From numerous historic sites and tranquil gardens to delicious local cuisine and boutique shopping, Kyoto offers you a window into the heart of Japan’s traditions and culture.

Port of Call
Kyoto (Osaka), Japan
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Cradled by rolling hills on three sides, Kyoto is considered the historical and cultural epicenter of the country. The city was Japan’s capital for more than 1,000 years (794 – 1868) and approximately 1,600 Buddhist temples and more than 400 Shintō shrines are peppered throughout the city. From numerous historic sites and tranquil gardens to delicious local cuisine and boutique shopping, Kyoto offers you a window into the heart of Japan’s traditions and culture.

Port of Call
Hiroshima, Japan
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History is never far from mind in Hiroshima, thus the city has created one of the most important and breathtaking memorials in the world, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum. Statues, halls, and monuments at this World Heritage Site honor those who fell in World War II. As one of Japan's largest islands, Hiroshima also offers rich natural beauty and a myriad of outdoor activities like biking, hiking and beaching. The local cuisine is plentiful, especially the signature “Okonomiyaki,” a crepe filled with meat, seafood, cabbage, and vegetables. Oysters (usually grilled) serve as an additional fresh and delicious culinary draw.

Port of Call
Kochi, Japan
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Engage with locals and indulge in local flavors in this welcoming city, known for its famed dish Katsuo no tataki (a type of tuna Tataki). The city center was initially settled in 1601 as a town surrounding Kochi Castle, which is now one of the region's principal attractions. Delve into times gone by as you stroll along the famed, red Harimaya-bashi – the basis for an old local folklore song. Discover the lovely Katsurahama beach area, where the Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial overlooks the sea and honors this legendary Japanese peace negotiator.

Port of Call
Nagoya, Japan
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Japan’s fourth largest city by population, Nagoya, is a center of modern commerce, with Toyota, Noritake china and a Legoland theme park calling this capital home. Tour the Toyota Exhibit Hall, experience Noritake Gardens and sit amongst the stars in the planetarium at the Science Museum. Nagoya Castle, deemed a National Treasure, is a must-see, as is exploring their entertainment district, Sakae. This busy hub is where you’ll find Nagoya TV Tower, the city’s symbol, and Oasis 21, a multi-level public park with a futuristic water theme.

Port of Call
Mount Fuji (Shimizu), Japan
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In the shadow of Mount Fuji, Shimizu is one of the most beautiful ports in Japan. Walk through the pine groves of Miho, home to a 650-year-old Japanese black pine, or enjoy spectacular views of Mount Fuji from the lush, forested hill of Nihondaira. Take in the seascapes on a bay cruise, or learn of undersea delights at Japan’s first sushi museum, and get a glimpse at feudal life in Japan in 200 BC at the archaeological site of Toro. Shop for traditional Japanese wooden handcrafts and fabrics unique to the region, and sample some yokan, a sweet jellied confection.

Port of Call
Tokyo, Japan
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Once a sleepy fishing village, Tokyo is now one of Japan’s largest ports. Ancient traditions and historic sites blend into modern culture, crafting a city unlike anywhere else. Walk among both neon-glowing skyscrapers and regal temples. Browse stores showcasing the latest advances in technology or retreat to one of the tranquil gardens surrounding the Imperial Palace. Savor traditional cuisine at a Michelin-starred restaurant and witness the centuries-old sport of sumo wrestling. This cosmopolitan hub offers a vast selection of attractions and activities and a wealth of culturally and historic sites. Whether this is your first or fifth visit to the city, Tokyo will captivate your imagination.

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