Guest Reservation Transfer FAQs

To request a reservation transfer please download and fill out the form below.

Download Form PDF

Q: Can a reservation be transferred to my agency of choice?

A: Yes up to 60 days from creation.

Q: If my reservation is paid in full can I still transfer it?

A: No, if the reservation has been paid in full for over 24 hours we are not able to accommodate a transfer.

Q: Can the request come from my travel agent?

A: No, the request must come from one of the guests on the reservation.

Q: Can the Currency be changed if payment has been applied to the reservation?

A: No, once a payment is made on a reservation we are unable to change the currency.

Q: Can I make a request to transfer my reservation to an agency if I’m within Final Payment Period but my reservation is not paid in Full?

A: No, transfer requests cannot be accommodated once you are in Final Payment Period.

Q: Can I submit the request for my friend traveling on the same Ship and Sailing Date?

A: No, requests can only be submitted by one of the guests on the reservation.

Q: Where do I send my request form to?

A: You can email or fax your completed request to the Dispatch Department at: email: Fax #: 305-436-4148

Q: How long does it take for transfer request to be completed?

A: All requests are processed in the order they were received. The request is processed within 48 to 72 business hours. The desk is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm EST

Q: Do I need to talk to my Travel Agent before I request a transfer?

A: We recommend you contact your travel agency first to make sure they can accommodate this request.

Q: I already made a reservation with a travel agency ,but I would like to transfer the reservation to a different agency. Can I make the request?

A: No, the agency with which you have your reservation must authorize Norwegian Cruise Line to release it to the new agency. You will need to work with your current travel agent to submit the transfer request.

Q: How many times can I request to transfer my reservation?

A: Reservations can only be transferred once.

Q: Does the Dispatch Department match rates from agencies?

A: No, Norwegian Cruise Like does not match prices that an agency is advertising.

Q: If the reservation was made through an agency and payment was applied with an Agency Credit Card or an Agency Check, can the reservation be transferred?

A: If payment was made using an Agency Credit Card or an Agency Check, the reservation cannot be transferred.

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