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Cruises to Niigata

Inhabited for 4,000 years, Niigata overflows with history and beauty. Its location on the Sea of Japan, at the mouth of the country’s longest river, makes it ideal for agriculture. In fact, it’s the top producer of rice in the nation, which brings on the sake breweries, over 90 in all. And talk about fresh seafood. Culinary aficionados flock here to savor the finest in shrimp, crab and fish. This ideal climate and rich soil produces seemingly endless fields of colorful tulips, too. Come hungry and bring your camera.


  • Port Name & Location
    Port of Niigata. Ship will DOCK at this port.
  • Time Zone
    Japanese Standard Time (JST) (UTC/GMT +9)
  • Language

    The local language is Japanese.

    To say thank you in Japanese, say “Arigatou.”

    For a more formal thank you, say, “Doumo Arigatou.”

  • Currency & Shopping

    Niigata's local currency is the Yen (pronounced without the Y).

    Goods and products for sale include Hand-forged metal goods, sake, koshihikari rice (the highest quality sushi rice available), Marunao 16-sided chopsticks and Murakami lacquerware.

    • Famous For
      One of Japan’s first five ports, Niigata is known as the Land of Rice and Sake. At Niigata Station, you can sample over 100 sake brands from vending machines.
    • Fun Fact #1
      Many famous manga and anime artists come from Niigata. Museums celebrating this art opened in 2013, including Manga House and the Manga Animation Museum.
    • Fun Fact: Foodies
      Sushi is a must. The finest sushi rice meets the freshest seafood in Niigata. Try a 10-piece kiwami platter, which translates to ‘the best.’
    • Fun Fact: Landmarks
      The tallest building in Niigata, Toki Messe, offers amazing, free views from their 31st floor. Pier Bandai is Japan’s version of Pike Place Market in Seattle. Go!
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