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Saint Tropez, France

Once a quiet fishing village, modern St. Tropez is the epitome of glamour and luxury associated with the French Riviera. In the picturesque Vieux Port, yachts now often outnumber fishing boats. Soak in the sunshine and charming vistas while strolling along cobblestone streets and perhaps get a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous. Known for its luxury shopping and vibrant cafes and restaurants, you can enjoy an afternoon of browsing boutiques and savoring fresh local seafood. Or journey outside town to explore the surrounding landscape, which is as rugged and scenic as St. Tropez is luxurious.


  • Port Name & Location
    St. Tropez, France
  • Time Zone
    Central European Standard Time Zone
  • Language
    French “Bonjour” means hello while “s'il vous plait” means please. To ask how much something is, say “c'est combien?”
  • Currency & Shopping
    Euro To browse luxury brands, visit an upscale area referred to as The Golden Triangle, while Place des Lices Market is a twice-a-week, open-air market showcasing local food, clothing and other goods.
    • Famous For
      St. Tropez is considered a magnet for the rich and glamorous and is home to exclusive beach clubs, boutique and luxury shops, scenic sun-drenched beaches and historic Old Town.
    • Important
      Remember to bring plenty of sunscreen and/or sun-protective clothing for exploring this picturesque slice of the French Riviera.
    • Fun Fact #1
      For fantastic panoramic vistas and a glimpse into the past, visit the 17th century Citadel where you can tour the dungeons and Museum of Maritime History, which is also located at the site.
    • Fun Fact #2
      Famous French actress Brigitte Bardot is credited with helping transform St. Tropez from a relatively unknown, quiet fishing village to a luxury destination for the rich and famous. She starred in the 1956 movie “And God Created Woman,” which was filmed in the village and showcased the area’s charm and natural beauty.
      • Fun Fact: Foodies
        Try the famous Provençal dish bouillabaisse — a traditional flavorful fish stew that includes garlic, onions, tomatoes, olive oil and more as its base — paired with a glass of local French wine.
      • Fun Fact: Landmarks
        Pampelonne Beach, which is located just outside of St. Tropez, is one of the region’s most popular beaches. Soak in sunshine and recline on the soft sands of the Mediterranean where famous people have also been known to enjoy sunbathing.

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