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Endangered Baby Sea Turtles & City Drive

Acapulco, Mexico

Endangered Baby Sea Turtles & City Drive


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Take a scenic ride through downtown Acapulco and along the coast, heading south. About 20 miles away, on a tranquil beach, is the Sea Turtle Rescue Center. Operated by a local environmentalist, the center works to improve the chances of survival for the endangered species of Golfina sea turtles. Learn how the program works and see the baby turtles in various stages of development, from their eggs to the holding tanks where the hatchlings are ready to return to the sea.

Walk down to the shoreline where the turtles will be named before they are released into the water. The number of turtles that are ready for release may not always match the number of participants. A short shopping stop will be made on the way back to your ship.

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Note: We recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes and light-colored, loose fitting clothes. Bring sunscreen, a hat and insect repellent.

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