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Go Local - Expat Experience

Lisbon, Portugal

Go Local - Expat Experience


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Experience local life by riding public transportation to several trendy neighborhoods where expats comfortably enjoy Lisbon’s leisurely lifestyle. A tram will take you through some of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods to the landmark basilica in Estrela. Queen Maria I ordered the church to be built to celebrate the birth of her only son, who sadly died two years before the church was completed in 1790. The queen rests in an elaborate tomb inside. Across from the basilica, you will find the 19th-century Estrela Gardens, an urban oasis with a duck pond, manmade caves and a wrought-iron bandstand. You are sure to see plenty of locals and expats relaxing on the benches and strolling the winding garden paths. After a traditional cup of espresso-like coffee known locally as “bica,” you will ride the bus to the Principe Real neighborhood. During free time there, you might stroll the botanical gardens, or simply take in the spectacular views.

• Join Lisbon’s expats in the neighborhoods where they now reside.
• Get an authentic feel for what attracts the expats to Lisbon.
• Mingle with the locals, ride public transportation and spend free time exploring downtown.

Need to Know:

This tour includes about 1½ hours of walking over even and uneven ground and steps, plus any additional walking at the guests’ discretion during free time. It is not recommended for guests who utilize a wheelchair. Those with mobility concerns should evaluate their ability and stamina before joining the tour.

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Scenic & City Tours

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Tours with this activity level involve physical exertion for extended periods of time; can involve uneven or steep terrain or swimming in a light current. Recommended only for physically fit and adventurous travelers.
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