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Raiatea East Coast Highlights

Raiatea, French Polynesia

Raiatea East Coast Highlights


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Settle in for an enlightening drive along Raiatea’s eastern shore, stopping along the way at attractions of immense cultural and historical significance. The islanders have long cultivated pearls, and you will observe how they produce these lustrous natural gemstones at an aquatic farm within the warm waters of the surrounding lagoon. Ancient seafaring Polynesians passed through a break in the lagoon reef to reach Marae Taputapuātea, a sacred setting for political and ceremonial events. UNESCO deemed the setting worthy of a World Heritage site designation for being an exceptional testimony to a millennium of Polynesian history. It is one of the most important marae in the islands and was dedicated to Oro, the god of war, who was a significant figure in the area’s ancient religion. Raiatea’s climate is ideal for growing fruit, and you will sample a variety of exotic varieties for a glimpse into the local diet. The starch-heavy staple breadfruit or uru will likely be offered.

• Observe how pearls are cultivated in the turquoise lagoon that surrounds Raiatea. • Visit a sacred World Heritage site where ancient Polynesians held religious ceremonies. • Sample a variety of exotic fruits that flourish on the island.

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Note: This tour is primarily panoramic in nature with walking at the guest’s discretion during stops. It is available to guests who utilize a collapsible wheelchair, can make their way on and off the coach and have a companion to assist them. Weather appropriate clothing; sunglasses; and flat, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

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