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Tribal Dancers in Hawaii

One of the greatest parts about traveling with Norwegian Cruise Line is that you end up in amazing places without the stress and worry of getting yourself there. So, when you’ve stepped off of the ship and get a chance to explore, you’ll have plenty of energy to see some amazing stuff. If you’re planning to cruise during the summer months, check out these amazing events and festivals and fully immerse yourself in the excitement and energy of the destination!

1. Nassau, Bahamas • Junkanoo • May 5-7th:

Colorful masks at Junkanoo

Though it's early in the summer season, there’s plenty of summer spirit blasting during the Junkanoo Carnival! It entails much of what you would expect from the vibrant, colorful Bahamian community: street parades, concerts, shows, dancing, and celebrations that seem endless. Paired with the relaxation and luxury of cruising through Nassau, it’s the perfect vacation experience.

Get there on a 3-Day Bahamas cruise.

2. Athens, Greece • Athens & Epidaurus Festival • June through August:

This is the chance to make your all of your former history teachers proud, and educate yourself a bit more on the history of Greek theater—just like you learned about in those huge textbooks! View contemporary productions of opera, music and drama from the seats of actual, ancient amphitheaters. Old meets new in the best way possible.

3. Oahu, Hawaii • Oahu Ukulele Festival • July:

Oahu Ukulele Festival on your Oahu cruise

What comes to your mind when you think of a Hawaiian paradise? Oh, warm sands, clear waters, fruity cocktails and perhaps a ukelele softly played over the calm, beach breeze? Well, that’s probably because the ukelele is such an key feature of Hawaiian culture and history. Take a moment to truly appreciate the instrument and artists who craft and play it at Oahu’s Ukelele Festival. Sing, dance, hula, or just bask in the sounds of serenity.

Get there on a 7-Day Honolulu cruise.

4. Rome, Italy • Expo Tevere • Early to Mid-July

Expo Tevere on your Rome cruise

Let’s be honest, one of the greatest parts of traveling is finding the perfect souvenir to encapsulate all of your feelings and memories about a place. This expo is where you have to go for the best bragging items to show all of your friends back home. Loads of arts, crafts, foods and goods are lined up along the bank of the Tiber River, so take your time to peruse, wander, and eat A LOT (…when in Rome…sorry, I had to).

Get there on a 7-Day Mediterranean Round-trip from Civitavecchia cruise.

5. Stockholm, Sweden • Early Music Festival • Early June:

They say that music is something that innately connects us as humans. It spans time, cultures and continents, and let’s be honest—that’s deep. Connect with the past as talented performers revive music from hundreds of years ago, and maybe you’ll get a clearer sense of what people were going through during the Middle Ages, baroque and Renaissance years. Pretty weird to think about, right?

Get there on a 9-Day Baltic Capitals, Round-trip Copenhagen cruise.

6. Berlin, Germany • French Folk Festival • June 24-July 24:

French Folk Festival on a Berlin cruise

Like carnivals? Well, then this is going to be your jam. All of the rides, food, drink, games, and entertainment of your dreams plus the added flair of German-French appreciation and kitsch. If you have kids around, this is the perfect event to let them run wild, while still staying classy and celebrating French culture (oui, oui). You’ll be letting your inner kid out, too, because there’s no way you could make it through a day here without breaking out into a giggle fit.

Get there on a 9-Day Baltic Capitals, Round-trip Copenhagen cruise.

Even though I’ve only given you a few festivals going on in the world this summer, Norwegian cruises to a mind-blowing amount of destinations across the globe that are all begging to be explored. Allow yourself to be a tourist, enjoy the moments that surprise you, and cherish what you learn about other cultures and yourself!