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Aerial view of the city of Gibraltar by the bay

Cruisers from all over the world flock to Gibraltar, United Kingdom to bask in its breathtaking views and rich history and culture. With several exciting options for excursions through Norwegian Cruise Line, you'll be able to experience the magic of Gibraltar easily, whether you want to explore the city's architecture or take in all the wildlife that surrounds the area. Here are a few of the top things to do in Gibraltar, United Kingdom that you can enjoy when you cruise with Norwegian.

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Tip of Gibraltar Rock
Tip of Gibraltar Rock

Walking Tour of Upper Rock

You'll enjoy sensational views of the entirety of Gibraltar when you take the Walking Tour of Upper Rock excursion. Beginning with a cable car ride to the top of the rock, you can take in all the sights of the city from above while floating through the air. At the peak, you can enjoy panoramic views of Catalan Bay and wander into St. Michael's cave to walk the path of Neolithic humans who lived there. Afterward, you'll visit the Barbary Apes, Princess Caroline's Battery, and a maze of tunnels called the Upper Galleries that were excavated between 1779 and 1793.

Panoramic Gibraltar and Tapas

For another opportunity to see exciting views, as well as the chance to enjoy some delicious local cuisine, there's the Panoramic Gibraltar and Tapas excursion. This two-hour tour starts with a drive along Gibraltar's airport runway, ending at Catalan Bay, where you can see the majesty of Gibraltar and even catch a glimpse of neighboring regions, like North Africa and Spain. You'll also get a tour of the town, including destinations like the American War Memorial, Trafalgar Cemetery, and Europa Point. Finally, you'll enjoy traditional tapas on the pier, including wine and Mediterranean specialties, before you return to the ship.

Cruising the Bay of Gibraltar - Dolphin Watch

Wildlife enthusiasts will be especially excited about the Cruising the Bay of Gibraltar - Dolphin Watch excursion. You'll start your day by boarding a boat that will take you around the Bay of Gibraltar, allowing you to view all the sights of the city from out at sea. Since Gibraltar is known for its cetacean population, you'll likely catch a glimpse of dolphins on your tour. You might even see some other wildlife, such as flying fish, whales, and sunfish. When your tour concludes, you can return to the ship or stay on shore to explore even more of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar With Less Walking and English Tea

If you're not a fan of long walking tours but still want to see everything Gibraltar has to offer, Norwegian has you covered with the Gibraltar With Less Walking and English Tea excursion. This excursion involves riding on a minibus around all the most exciting sights in Gibraltar, including the airport runway, the Spanish Frontier, and Devil's Tower Road. You'll also pass by Catalan Bay, the American War Memorial, Trinity Lighthouse, and Trafalgar Cemetery. After your bus tour, you'll enjoy traditional English tea at Rock Hotel, which includes a pot of hot tea as well as sandwiches and British pastries.

Europa point, the southernmost point of Gibraltar
Europa point, the southernmost point of Gibraltar

Traditional Andaluz Cork and Cattle Farm

For cruisers who want to explore some of the less well-known destinations in Gibraltar, there's the Traditional Andaluz Cork and Cattle Farm excursion. This activity begins with a scenic drive around the Bay of Gibraltar, bringing you to a photo opportunity at El Mirador right before you reach the Natural Cork Forest Park. Once you're inside the forest, you'll travel to an Andaluz farmhouse from 1797, showcasing a historical representation of life in Gibraltar. You'll get to learn everything you could imagine about farming and processing cork here, including the farm's exclusive technique for making the ideal cork for bottles.

This excursion also includes chances to get up close to the Retinto cattle on the farm. These cattle are famous in the region and known as one of the purest breeds in Spain. Finally, you'll get to enjoy a meal of tapas and local wine. There's even a shop where you can purchase cork and leather products, olive oils, souvenirs handmade by local artisans, and exceptionally delicious wines.

Cable car ride with a view of the city of Gibraltar
Cable car ride with a view of the city of Gibraltar

A City Under Siege

If you're interested in the history of wars, you'll enjoy the excursion A City Under Siege. When taking this tour, you'll ride a cable car to the Top Station at the peak of Gibraltar's rock, offering uniquely beautiful views of the scenery. Then, an expert guide will teach you about the historical Top Station, including its use during World War II. After touring the station, you'll journey to the Middle Station to meet the Rock Apes who roam free on the grounds. You'll also visit other historical sites, such as Princess Caroline's Battery, the Moorish Castle, and the Gibraltar Museum.

Rock Tour - By Taxi

Another option for cruisers who want to see the sights of Gibraltar without walking all day is the Rock Tour - By Taxi excursion. This tour involves driving around the most exciting and significant parts of Gibraltar, including the Waterport Gates district, the Cross of Sacrifice war memorial, and the airport runway that creates a border between Gibraltar and Spain. You'll also stop at a few destinations along the way, including the Trinity House Lighthouse, Europa Point, and St. Michael's Cave, allowing you to get up close and personal with the city's rich history and beautiful architecture.

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