Guppies Nursery FAQs on Norwegian Escape

What are Guppies Nursery hours of operation?

The drop off services are available throughout the sailing in the morning, evening, and late evening on selected sailing days. Please refer to the Guppies Programs for daily and night drop off hours as the hours may change per sailing.

Is a registration required?

Yes, each child is required to have a Registration Profile on file in order to make a reservation for drop-off. Be sure to register your child and make reservations for the desired time block once onboard with the Nursery Attendant.

Are reservations required?

Yes, Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis through the reservation system.

The system will only allow a guest to book 2 consecutive Time Block Sessions. Most Time Block Sessions are noted in 1 hour and 50 minute increments with a 10 minute transitional pick up window; however an earlier pick up will be allowed.

*Be sure to register your child and make reservations for the desired time block once onboard with the Nursery Attendant.

What if my child needs to nap? Crib vs Non-Crib.

Parents with babies 6 months - 1 year are required to book a reservation with a crib, regardless if the child will nap. Children must be awake upon entering the Nursery. The Nursery Staff is not allowed to waken a sleeping child.

How much is Guppies Nursery service, not including Late Night?

$20.00 USD per Time Block Session/first child, $16.00 USD per Time Block Session/ for each sibling. Fees are charged to the guest onboard account.

*Late Night Hours/Fees are listed separately

What are the Guppies Nursery Late Night hours?

11:00p.m. - 1:20am, dates are noted in the program throughout the sailing.

How much is Guppies Nursery Late Night?

$24.00 USD per Time Block Session/first child, $20.00 USD per Time Block Session for each sibling. Fees are charged to the guest onboard account.

Are reservations required for Guppies Nursery Late Night?

Yes, Otherwise Guppies Nursery will close at 11:00p.m. if reservations are not in the system by 9:00p.m. of the desired evening.

What happens if I no show for the Time Block Session?

A reserved time block will be cancelled and added back into inventory in the event the guest doesn't drop off in 30 minutes of the noted reservation. The full time block fee will be charged to the guest onboard account in the event of a no show.

What is the cancellation policy for Guppies Nursery?

The guest must cancel at least 12 hours in advance during operating hours to avoid any charges otherwise the guest will charged the full fee. A guest can create a reservation and cancel within 15 minutes of making the reservation and not be charged.

Will I be charged if I pick up my child late?

A 10 minute transition time is granted prior to pick up. $1.00 USD per minute will be applied beginning at minute 11 for late fee.

What is the Drop Off and Pick Up Process for Guppies Nursery?

All authorized people must have his/her own key card and the child's key card, the password, essential items at drop off, along with handy phone at pick up. If the person does not have the key cards or passwords, this will delay the drop off and pick up process for Guppies Nursery. A pick-up, a child will not be released until proper keys and information is provided. Pick up is noted 10 minutes before the second hour. Late pick up fees and possible dismissal may apply.

What if I want to use the Guppies Nursery on a Port Day?

In the event Port Day services are offered, (please check the schedule once onboard) a parent or at least one authorized pick up person must remain onboard if the Port Day drop-off services are used in case the staff needs to reach you. The drop off person will be issued a handy phone which does not work ashore. There are no exceptions. In the event this policy is not followed the child will be dismissed from using all drop off services throughout the sailing.

How will the Nursery Attendants communicate with parents?

All parents will receive a handy phone for all drop-off services. A pager/handy phone fee of $150.00 USD will be applied to your onboard account if the device is not returned or if it is returned broken.

What are the approved snack and drink items for the Guppies Nursery?

The Nursery is not a food service facility which means meals /drinks cannot be prepared.

Approved drink items*, required by parents are Pre-packaged On-The-Go Juice Boxes or Non-Spill Sippy Cup. The nursery will only provide fountain water.

Bottle Feeding: The Nursery staff will feed your child a bottle. The contents of the bottle must be fully prepared. If needed, a bottle warmer will be used to warm the bottle; the bottle will be cooled, and then served. Anything unused will be returned to the parent upon pick-up.

Approved snack items required by the parents are all in Pre-Packaged On-The-Go Packaging are: Small Crackers (goldfish, animal), Small Cookies, Dried Fruits, Carrot Sticks, Dried Cereal. Snack Items must be in original packaging. Open packaging will not allowed in the nursery. Once opened, excess not consumed will be discarded. These snacks can be brought from home or purchased on board.

For your convenience you can purchase snacks and have them waiting for you upon arrival.

What are the non-approved snack and drink items for the Guppies Nursery?

Non-Approved snack items are: Hot Foods, Foods that need any preparation or cutting, Foods that require silverware, food containing peanut butter, grapes, popcorn, anything containing NUTS. Guppies is a nut - free zone.

What is the Diaper Changing and Bathroom use process?

If a child is in diapers and/or potty training and the child requires a diaper change or change of clothes during the drop off service, the parent is required to provide all necessary items and instructions to allow for optimal care during the drop-off to include but not limited to diapers, wipes, cream, change of clothing and instruction.

What is the policy for crying babies?

Babies, Infants, and Toddlers must not be crying upon entering the nursery. For the safety of the child(ren), all nursery attendants are required to contact a parent for pick up if their child continuously cries for 10 minutes. The Crying steps for the staff are:

  • STEP 1: Comfort and Redirect the child
  • STEP 2: Check for diaper change, hunger, thirst
  • STEP 3: If the child is still crying, the parent will be called. It is expected that the parent pick up within 10 minutes of the call.
What if my child needs SPECIAL attention or has a medical condition?

Parents of children with special needs and/or medical conditions please see the Nursery Coordinator for additional information.

What is the Guppies Nursery 5-Step Discipline Policy for Children under 3 years old?
  • STEP 1: Warning: The Nursery Attendant addresses the child and it is explained that his/her behavior is unacceptable and needs to be improved immediately.
  • STEP 2: Second Warning: If the behavior continues, the Nursery Attendant addresses the child and it is explained that his/her behavior is unacceptable and needs to be improved immediately.
  • STEP 3: Reflection Time: If the child continues to disobey the Nursery Attendant, reflection time is issued and the parents are notified at pick-up time.
  • STEP 4: Suspension: If a time out is not effective in eliminating the inappropriate behavior, the parents are located and the child is grounded from the program for 24 hours. After 24 hours the child is welcome to return to program.
  • STEP 5: Dismissal: Once the child is allowed back into the program after the initial dismissal, if any disobedient behaviors continue, the child will no longer be allowed to participate.

Depending on the nature of the behavior, the more severe behaviors may warrant a higher discipline as deemed appropriate by the Nursery Coordinator or Youth Program Manager.

What are the staff credentials?

The Nursery Coordinator along with the Nursery Attendants are all educated in the child care industry, certified in nursery care by Paragon Training and American Red Cross, influenced by Florida State guidelines along with Infant, Child, & Adult First Aid, CPR, and AED.

Additional Guppies Information can be found under the Youth Programs FAQs.

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