• "I'll get claustrophobic or seasick."
    Our big, modern ships are more open and airy than you ever could imagine with plenty of room to roam. And the bigger the ship, the less you'll feel the ocean's motion. You may even forget you're not on land, except for the incredible, ever-changing views.
  • "I'm going to have to follow a set schedule."
    Set schedules are so passé. When we introduced Freestyle Cruising over a decade ago, we specifically designed it (and designed all our ships) to allow our guests to do what they want, when they want. That meant more restaurants, more entertainment venues, more everything. No other cruise line offers you more. With Norwegian, the only schedule you're required to follow is your own. See more about Freestyle Cruising.
  • "I'll be forced to eat at specific times."
    Unlike other cruise lines, with Freestyle Cruising, there are no set dining times, no set dining companions and there's no pre-assigned seating. From French bistros, to Asian fusion, to 24-hour eateries, dining happens whenever you're hungry. See more about Freestyle Dining.
  • "I'll be stuck in a cramped ship, without much to do."
    You may run out of time before you run out of things to do. Our spectacular ships feature casinos, spas, fitness centers, bowling, an Aqua Park, plenty of world-class entertainment and so much more. See more about your Freestyle Onboard Experience.
  • "I won't get to really experience the destinations."
    Let's just start with the fact that you will see things from our ships you wouldn't ever be able to see from land. Calving glaciers in Alaska, Hawai‘i's famous Napali Coast, erupting volcanoes and more. And, with overnight stays and up to 100 hours in port on a 7-day cruise, you have plenty of time to explore with our handpicked Shore Excursions. Not only have we researched, tested and insured our exciting adventures ashore, we have eliminated all your worries by including all these benefits: Advance reservations means you won't miss out on your dream excursions; they're safe and licensed; and we'll pick you up and drop you off at the pier. You get all the fun, while we take care of all the details. See more about Shore Excursions.
  • "My kids will be bored silly."
    From our kid's pools, water slides, bowling alleys, sports courts, 2-story Wii® screens and more, your kids may get silly, but never bored. And if you're traveling with teens, have no fear – we're ready with our complimentary Teens Crew™ program, video arcades, a hang out just for them with TVs, dance floor and video jukebox, rock wall climbing, parties, movies, team-building challenges, foosball, air hockey and you get the idea, they're definitely not going to be bored. See more about Family Fun.
  • "It's all about overeating with unhealthy food choices."
    No, it's actually all about options – up to 20 different dining options in fact. You'll have plenty of healthy ones aboard every Freestyle ship, including endless fresh salad bars, special light menu selections at every meal and more. And if you'd like to treat yourself, there are plenty of delicious ways to do that, too. See more about Freestyle Dining.
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