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Best Cruises for Singles

Whether you’re newly single or a seasoned veteran in singledom, sometimes the best vacations are the ones you take alone. Imagine—no pressure to do anything except for what you want to do. Eat, drink, explore museums, or nap on the beach. Not to mention, you’re completely open to meet other solo cruisers with events like Sailing Solo & Mingle or Social Local Hours. You'll quickly find that singles cruises do not have to be any different than traveling with others—it’s all about your attitude and openness to breaking out of your comfort zone.


Norwegian Sky cruising from Miami

So to start, this one’s a no brainer. Three days of sun, waves, and all the time in the world to relax! Even if you don’t think you enjoy time by yourself, experiencing a Bahamas cruise on your own (or with whoever you happen to meet) is nothing but luxurious. You can take the time to rest, relax and soak in the sun -or- party into the wee hours of the morning! Either way, it’ll be memorable.


One thing I love about a European cruise to Greece is that the locals make you feel like family wherever you go. Whether you’re stuffing your face with dolmades and fresh hummus, or observing a gorgeous sunset over the crystal blue waters, you’ll feel like you’re living life to the fullest! Not to mention that the islands are chocked full of other travelers looking to unwind and party, so no matter where you go you’ll be embraced with open arms—just don’t indulge on too much ouzo!


If you’re looking to be even more adventurous, this twelve day cruise gives you that Greek island warmth in addition to so much more. If you’ve always dreamed of having a classic European vacation, this is your jam. Knock Spain, France, and Italy (etc.) off your bucket list and get ready for some epic dining and culture. You’ll feel like a character in a movie, classily sipping on wine and tasting local delicacies, running around and exploring the ins and outs of the cities with nothing (and nobody) holding you behind! Stuff of dreams people.


Baltic Cruises from Copenhagen

So maybe you’ve already indulged in a Mediterranean vacation's treasures and you’re looking for something a little unique—in nine days you can experience six cities chocked full of historical significance, providing a cultural experience that bounds beyond a 'normal' vacation. Meeting people from other cultures, trying food outside of your comfort zone and learning new things will truly elevate your perspective and your life.


Cruise to Buenos Aires

If you had dreams since you were little about being a world explorer, you must take advantage of a South America cruise at some point in your life. Flip your world upside down (almost literally) as you witness the southern tip of South America and all of the wonders that it has to offer. Magellan has nothing on you! Not to mention, when you make it to Argentina, you’ll quickly find a dancing partner as it is the birthplace of the most passionate of dances…the tango. You won’t be single for long!

The most important thing to remember when traveling solo is your vacation is what you make it to be! Some of the most incredible people and places are waiting out there, so go find them. Norwegian makes it easy by taking the stress out of traveling giving you plenty of well deserved "me" time as well as introducing you with people you normally would not have met.