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If you’re considering a Baltic cruise – or even reading about one – chances are you’re a special kind of traveler. You’re adventurous. Maybe not in a bungee-jump off a Jamaica cliff kind-of-way. But you are the kind of person who likes to say, “I can see Russia from my stateroom.”

You’re also curious, and allured by history, culture, and global geography. You’re eager to explore Berlin by an exclusively chartered train, or stroll through the Estonian countryside.

You’re discerning. If you’re going to travel, you’ll do it in comfort and style.

And of course —if I may say so— you’re awfully clever. You’re skilled in finding the greatest values and savings in luxury travel.

But most important, you live life fully, wherever you are. Here are a few of the things you might choose to do on your Baltic Sea Cruise.

Royal Copenhagen:

When you cruise from Copenhagen you'll get to explore all that’s wonderful in the state of Denmark. Before you board, make extra time to stroll through world-renowned Tivoli Gardens, especially at night, when twinkling lanterns illuminate your path. Copenhagen is also a center of cutting-edge fine dining (think “New Nordic” cuisine). If you ever wanted to try a bite of reindeer, this would be your chance.

Cruise to picturesque Copenhagen

Beyond the Eastern Block

With additional ports of call in Berlin, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Stockholm, Baltic Sea excursions are some of the most exotic of Norwegian’s itineraries (not that you’re one to brag).

There’s ample time to explore each city by foot or chartered tour. Savvy traveler that you are, I suggest these landmarks to consider:

Tallinn, Estonia: It’s all about architecture. Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, feels as if you stumbled into a 14th century fairytale. After a tour, spend time at St. Catherine’s Arts and Crafts Center.

St. Petersburg, Russia: The Hermitage houses one of the world’s largest art collections, and some of the greatest works by artists such as Van Gogh, Matisse, and da Vinci.

The Hermitage houses

Helsinki, Finland: At the entrance to Esplanade Park along the harbor, you’ll find Market Square, famous for Finnish handicrafts, flowers, and local food.

Stockholm: It’s time for something contemporary. Take a tour of locations from Stieg Larsson’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or plan a visit to the ABBA museum. You’re not above a little “Dancing Queen.” (Keep reading!)

Scandinavian Spirits

No coconut drinks with umbrellas, please! In the Baltics, it’s about vodka, straight up or stirred into a stiff cocktail. Vodka, means “little water” in Russian; a premium selection should be equally tasteless when you imbibe – so be careful with your quantities!

For the consummate taste test, try Svedka & Inniskillen Bar on Norwegian Getaway. Simulating ice hotels in Scandinavia, you can experience a 17° arctic chamber where the bars, walls, seats and glasses are created from ice.

Sip on some Voli Vodka in the Ice Bar

And since you’re so thoughtful, you’re the kind of traveler who’ll procure a few of your favorite brands from Norwegian’s duty free retail stores to take home for friends.

Swedish Massage

You’ve come to Scandinavia for its cultural appeal. Naturally, you need to sample the sauna treatments and Swedish massages. After a day of sea venturing in crisp temperatures (or while nursing your ABBA-with-Absolut hangover) soak in the Spa Thermal Package at Mandara Spa, offering more than 50 types of treatments.

Now that you’re all relaxed and rubbed down, let me share a little secret: Want to know what I appreciate most about you?

You know how to make things happen. You hear the call of the sea, and you never let your ship sail by. Who knows? On your next Norwegian cruise, you might even take me along.