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Cold-Weather Cruises to Cool You Down This Summer

For some people, a cruise vacation absolutely must involve beaches, hot sunny weather, and tropical drinks. Others, however, dislike the constant beating of the sun and prefer the relief of cooler climates. If that sounds like you, rest assured that Norwegian has cruises for you, too. Even if you do enjoy warm weather, a colder cruise destination can be a blessing during the heat of summer — especially if you are originally from a hot location yourself.

Although a cold-weather cruise may seem a little less traditional, Norwegian cruises to several cooler destinations all over the globe that you're sure to love. These itineraries are filled with adventure, culture, history, and other attractions that will make you forget all about beaches and help soothe your overheated soul.

Here are a few cold-weather destinations offered by Norwegian — and cruises that will take you to them.

1. Alaska Cruises

Norwegian Bliss Cruise to Alaska

One of the last bastions of American wilderness, the spectacular scenery of Alaska can't be beaten. The wildlife alone will outdo just about any other destination. Moose, deer, various types of birds, and even polar bears are examples of wildlife you might see on your Alaskan trip. 

The best part of any Alaskan cruise, of course, is sailing past enormous glaciers in the chilly Alaskan waters. Then you'll be able to wrap up in a warm blanket and enjoy a hug of hot cocoa on your balcony as you join the countless adventurers of yesteryear in exploring this part of the world. One of Norwegian's Alaska cruises is sure to fit the bill.

2. Canada & New England Cruises

Norwegian Cruises to Canada & New England

Canada's incredible variety has attracted visitors for many years. The kindness of its people is world-famous, and the down-home attraction of Canadian ports has caused many a visitor to fall in love. Whether it's the Scottish influence of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, or Vancouver's Hollywood of the North, there's always something to see on either Canadian coast. 

If you enjoyed New England lobster, a hot lobster sandwich on the eastern seaboard of Canada is a meal you'll be dreaming about for years to come. All this — plus the chance of spotting whales and other sea life from the ship — makes Canada a wonderful cold-weather destination. Norwegian offers several different Canada cruises on both the east and west coast.

3. Scotland Cruises

Norwegian Cruises to Scotland

The adventure and romance of Scotland cannot be overstated. This land steeped in a history full of castles and clans, lost loves and noble deeds, welcomes many visitors to its rugged, mountainous highlands. You can participate in a ceilidh (traditional Scottish dance) or just spend your time sipping fine, aged, single-malt whisky on your balcony overlooking the beauty of the Scottish mountains in the land of the bens, glens, and heroes. The Scotland cruises offered by Norwegian will take you there.

4. Ireland Cruises

Norwegian Cruises to Ireland

Ireland has a lot to offer, but the absolute best aspect of this country is its people. Friendly and charming with some of the best senses of humor around, Ireland's people are welcoming and interested in newcomers, so an evening in an Irish pub can really be life-changing. As a result, Ireland is an ideal destination for those looking to really mesh with the locals. 

Ireland is a beautiful emerald green. The weather there is cool and pleasant with plentiful rainfall, so the land itself is lush and beautiful. Ireland is also a fascinating destination for those who have Irish ancestry. It's a chance to walk in the footsteps of your forebears and learn more about your family origins. Whether you tour by sea or land, Ireland is one of the most magical destinations on earth. Norwegian offers multiple Ireland cruises that will whisk you away to a place where Irish eyes are smiling.

5. Scandinavian Cruises

Norwegian Baltic Cruise

The nations that make up Scandinavia are a cold-weather lover's dream. From saunas in Finland to the Northern Lights above the Arctic Circle, there's always something to enjoy in these nations of the far North. The native people, the Saami, have a fascinating culture. You'll have the chance to see reindeer in the wild, meet dogsled teams, and enjoy the rich Viking history of this part of the world. 

The fjords in Norway are breathtaking, and the cute little towns of Sweden are picture-postcard perfect. Denmark was recently awarded the title of "happiest country on earth," and we're sure you'll agree as you explore the streets of Copenhagen. If you're interested in the Vikings, the wonderful handmade crafts of the Saami people, or seeing the aurora borealis in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Scandinavia is the perfect destination. Book a Scandinavian cruise with Norwegian, a cruise line with Scandinavian origins.

Cold-Weather Cruises with Norwegian

Everyone has their own reasons for cruising. Some travel to check monuments, sights, and experiences off their bucket list. Some are interested in researching history and learning more about the world. Some enjoy the journey itself more than the destination. Some travel for the explicit purpose of mingling with the locals. All of these things can be achieved regardless of whether the destination is a warm country or a cold one.

If you'd like to get out of the summer heat, a cold-weather cruise is a great choice, especially as these cruises tend to be more unique and the destinations less crowded while everyone else heads to sunnier climes. You may just find your perfect moment while sailing with Norwegian to the lands of ice and snow.

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