Ready to experience the ultimate joy ride? We have created a variety of packages to ensure that you enjoy our most innovative onboard activities as much as you like. You may purchase any of the below on board.

Each activity has different minimum height, and weight requirements, which you can learn more about here.

Galaxy Pavilion

Effective February 2, 2020, all games are $8 per play with the exception of the Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing which is $20 per play. The Ultimate Galaxy Pavilion Package and Ultimate Trio Package are also available.

Joy Speedway

$15.00 includes a single kart session
The Ultimate Speedway Package $199 permits you to use the race track as much as you like during scheduled opening hours for unlimited use during a 7-day sailing.

Laser Tag

$9.95 per session

If your booking is not paid in full, you can transfer your reservation to a travel agency within 30 days from your booking date. Click here for additional information.